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Shameless family promotion!!

My middle little sister (not rachrevolution) just launched her etsy. http://www.etsy.com/shop/ArchNemesis She only has one item in her shop as of yet, but I think more items will be arriving. Stop by, check her out, add her as a favorite and ssee what else she adds.

Speaking of rachrevolution, where is your etsy??


Well... happy and sad today.

The twins were born on July 2nd. Baby Madison got to come home with Mommy two days later, baby Tyler had to stay in the NICU for an extra day due to being born with low blood sugar. Both babies were home yesterday, happy and healthy and very sleepy. We went to visit, Cindy (Mommy) has the picture of Michael holding baby Tyler, but he did hold him, and continued to gush with me throughout the rest of the day about their cuteness.

Cindy and I holding Tyler and Madison

Daddy (Jeff) and I with the babies

Happy Parents with their new arrivals

I can't believe how great Cindy looks. She is my hero, holding those twinsies in there for 38 weeks and then delivering naturally!

On a sad and somber note, John and Jamie suffered a miscarriage this morning. My heart broke for them. I can't even begin to imagine the pain of losing your own child, not to mention that it happened within 5 days of when their brother and sister in law welcomed twins into the world. Simply devistating.


Anchors Away

My third quilt... all done. I forgot to take a picture of the paperpieced anchor lable I made. The pattern for the quilt is from Sugar Sack Quilts by Glenna Hailey scaled down to a baby quilt size (idea taken from a Jo-Anns ad).

Full Quilt

Close ups of the blocksCollapse )

My bags as promised

Here are the two bags that I made for my swap-bot swap.

Completed Crafts #1&2 for 2009Collapse )

Holiday Crafty Goodness

Finishing up some holiday gifts and wanted to share.

Super VarietyCollapse )

Starghan #2

The gift has been gifted so now I can post pictures

PhotosCollapse )

Hooray its done!!

I do still need to post all of my Halloween photos. But here is something else I did over the weekend!!

It took me a month of crocheting in my "spare time" (I work 60 hrs a week, so I don't get too much), but I finally finished this gift. It is 55" from point to point. Here is a photo with my two little helpers making sure the blanket meets all their standards.

This starghan is a gift for a friend who is completing my astrological chart and has just moved into her own place. She is a Leo/Fire Sign, which is why I chose the colors I did. They are Lion Brand Vanna's Choice.


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